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Run MS-DOS classics

Remember the good old days when computers had x86 chips, and MS-DOS was the central operating system for everyone? It did seem like you needed much more technical knowledge to properly use a computer. DOSBox allows those of you still nostalgic of that not-so-long-ago time to emulate games and applications that ran under DOS. You will need to provide all the basic DOS commands to mount and launch applications, or simply search through directories.

Is DOSBox legal?

DOSBox is a command-line utility program that is configured to either a set of command-line arguments or plain text configuration files. For ease of use, it offers several graphical front-ends have been developed by its user community. One of the main draws of DOSBox is its ability to capture screenshots and record gameplay footage. Its videos are compressed using the lossless Zip Motion Block Video codec. 

It’s important to note that the DOSBox project has a particular policy of not adding features that are not used by DOS games. This will be the likely cause of bugs, portability problems, or impact performance. You will also notice that DOSBox does not emulate the parallel port (in order to connect to printers). It remedies this by allowing you to use the PrintScreen function to capture the output of DOSBox. 

As a full CPU emulator, DOSBox is capable of running DOS programs that need the CPU to be in real mode or protected mode. Similar programs like DOSEMU and VDMs also provide a compatibility layer. They rely on virtualization capabilities or the 386 families of processors. As the program can emulate your CPU via interpretation, it can use dynamic instruction translation faster than regulator interpretive CPU emulation.

How do I run a DOS box?

DOSBox is capable of emulating a wide range of graphics and sound hardware. Emulating graphics includes text mode, Hercules, CGA, Tandy, EGA, VGA, VESA, and full S3 Trio 64 emulation. Sound, on the other hand, includes your PC speaker playing through the host device’s standard sound. The program is also capable of timing compatible implementations of serial ports.

This will allow older hardware, and other independent programs, to join in the serial port timing process. However, some devices can suddenly act as a replacement for older serial port devices, when using the simulator. There is no list as to which devices these are, so it will be a matter of trial and error. Another capability of DOSBox is peer-to-peer or internet/intranet networking. 

This is appropriate for modem simulation over TCP/IP as it will allow DOS modem games to be played over a LAN connection, Wi-Fi, or IPX network tunneling. Those that use third-party patches allow DOSBox to emulate a network interface card and use it as a passthrough to your computer’s own card. This will allow full internet connectivity and web browsing capabilities.

Simple and fuss-free emulator 

DOSBox is a full-feature DOS emulator that’s easy to port to different platforms. It's SDL library can be ported onto multiple operating systems. More, this program will allow you to relive the time when DOS games were popular as it can emulate multiple CPUs, graphics, and sounds to deliver the same good game but with better quality. 


  • Extensive selection of DOS games
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems
  • Capable of emulating multiple systems


  • Suitable for experienced DOS game users

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DOSBox for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 0.74-3
  • 3.3
  • (506)
  • Security Status

User reviews about DOSBox

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    DOS > Win 7.
    Excelent! Also, if I do Alt+F4, it don't close!
    So, MS DOS > Windows 7!
    Pros: Alt+Enter for full screen

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    doxbox works with windows7 64-bit.
    i have windows 7 64-bit and am using it for old DOS programs. It's working!

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    don´t work with windows 7 64 bit!.
    don´t work with windows 7 64 bit ! don´t work with windows 7 64 bit


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